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Malda IHC conference, communal fire and blaspheme riots – were they incidental, coincidental or ancillary (3)?

January 14, 2016

Malda IHC conference, communal fire and blaspheme riots – were they incidental, coincidental or ancillary (3)?

Malda map, IHC, poppy cultivation

Why the eminent historians are not punished for their lies and falsehood spread with their popularity[1]: As R. Vaidhyanathan[2] pointed out, “Clearly, the expertise of eminences has been exposed. If such a thing had happened in physics or chemistry or medicine or accounting, the concerned person would have been taken to task by their professional associations. Unfortunately, the social science disciplines in India are under the grip of Left charlatans and they are not accountable to any. It is important that they are made accountable. Many of the things they said hardened positions on both sides, and they cannot now wriggle out and claim what they said was not their expert opinion. Their respective universities would do well to initiate action against them or take other disciplinary steps to improve the reputation of the profession of historian. The textbooks written or edited by them for schools and colleges should be revoked and other books of less eminent — but more honest — historians should be prescribed. They need to be made accountable and brought to book, howsoever highly networked or “eminent” they are. Is the HRD ministry, and various universities, listening? ” Though, he raised this issue three years back, it was ignored and perhaps not noticed by many or such views were blacked out in the media, so that others might look at. Only one side views are presented to the readers, so that they believe what they read?  Now, coming to the issue, what Azam Khan told has to be noted in the context.

03-01-2016 violence Malda by Mus;ims preplannedAzam khan started “homosexual” controversy dragging RSS (November 2015): According to a report in Nai Dunia, the loudmouth SP leader, while commenting on the contentious issue of homosexuality, said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members are like that (homosexuals)[3], thus, the Zeenews reported. Driving his point home[4], Khan maintained ”this is the reason why the RSS people don’t marry.” This was reported on November 20th, 2015. The RSS had, however, taken a strong objection to Azam Khan’s statement and said that the SP leader has lost his mental balance. Khan’s comments came after Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, last Saturday, said that the “judgment on gay sex should be reconsidered” by the Supreme Court. “Supreme Court’s 2014 verdict banning gay sex is not in accordance with evolving legal jurisprudence and court needs to reconsider it,” Jaitley said while speaking at Times LitFest. Was it progressive or regressive view of a rightist? Thus, instead of appreciating, they stooped down to create problems and run riot for some reason. Incidentally, another case has also to be mentioned and discussed here, where, also the eminent historians were involved. It is nothing but the case of VJA Flynn, Australian professor, numismatist, Persian scholar and writer of books with some of them.

VJA Flynn case involving eminent historiansHow the eminent historians promoted smuggling of antiquities through Vincent John Adams Flynn: Dr. (Vincent John Adams) Flynn, the Australian Professor who used to come to India and smuggle out pre-Mauryan antiquities including coins and was caught red-handed at Indira Gandhi International Airport and then escaped through Indo-Australian Diplomatic agreement. He has been a very close and good friend of A.A.A. Rizvi, Nural Hassan, Irfan Habib and other “eminent” and “elite” historians of India! He has authored books with A.A.A. Rizvi, B.P. Saxena In 1993, “The officers of DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence), Delhi Zonal Unit, intercepted a consignment of antiquities which were being allegedly attempted to be smuggled out to Hong Kong in six packages vide shipping Bill No 416 dated January 19, 1993 by making false declaration as handicraft items of stones. The alleged antiquities were loaded from a container which was parked at ICD Tughlakabad, Okhla.” What were the items? 18 stone sculptures of deities, certified to be antiquities, by the Archaeological Survey of India. DRI officers caught hold of Girish Dhawan and registered a complaint that his services had been engaged for documentation and processing of shipping bills in question, for `a huge sum of rupees’. One learns from the text of the Delhi High Court judgment dated May 1 that the complaint had been filed under Sections 132 and 135(1)(a) of the Customs Act; queerly, “no complaint was filed for the violation of the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972.”

Which eminent historians and archaeologists gave certificates to VJA Flynn?: At the court, the accused relied upon a 1996 decision of the Delhi High Court: Dr. V.J.A. Flynn vs S.S. Chauhan[5]. That story was about Flynn and Sadasivan Mudaliar who were allegedly leaving for Sydney via Hong Kong by Air India Flight on June 21, 1994. “On being intercepted at the airport, it transpired that in the baggage of the petitioner there were coins which were suspected to be antiquities the export of which is prohibited under Section 3 of the Antiquities Act,” reads the text of Justice Usha Mehra’s verdict dated March 4, 1996. Flynn’s defence was that he had bought the rare coins from a shop in Bangalore. “He further states that he had been collecting the coins for over 50 years for his own delight and enjoyment. Some of these coins were of copper and silver.” Thus, he would have got certificates from his friendly-historians to the effect that they were only less than 100 / 50 years. Incidentally, their names were not mentioned, but, from the certificates produced to Custom authorities, who issued such certificates could be noted. Meanwhile Superintending Archaeologist examined the coins and prima facie opined that the same were antiquities.

Colonial impunity, Commonwealth courtesy and delay in bureaucracy helped Flynn to flow out of India!:  Antiquity is defined as including: “any coin, sculpture, painting epigraph or other work of art or craftsmanship; any article, object or thing detached from a building or cave; any article, object or thing illustrative of science, art, crafts, literature, religion, customs, morals or politics in bygone ages; any article, object or thing of historical interest; any article, object or thing declared by the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, to be an antiquity for the purposes of this Act, which has been in existence for not less than one hundred years; and any manuscript, record or other document which is of scientific, historical, literary or aesthetic value and which has been in existence for not less than seventy-five years.” Justice Mehra pointed out that the predecessor Act, that is, the Antiquities Act, 1947, had made all the provisions of the Customs Act applicable to an offence committed under the Antiquities Act. However, the 1972 Act had omitted the applicability of all the provisions of the Customs Act. Accordingly, provisions of the Customs Act are now applicable only for confiscation and penalty, said the judge. Punishment and prosecution had to be under the Antiquities Act, she added, before quashing the complaint. In the Dhawan case, DRI submitted that the Flynn decision had been taken to the apex court through a Special Leave Petition[6].

Malda riot by the Muslims after IHC on 3-1-2016IHC ended with resolution on 30-12-2015 and the riots started on 03-01-2016: So when Hindu religion, beliefs, system and Hindus have been under such orchestrated, constant and continuous attacks, criticism and blasphemical talks and acts, can all such aggressive and intrusive acts be tolerated by the meek, mild and naive Hindus? The Times of India had in a report said that Tiwari, who claims to be the working president of Hindu Mahasabha, had called Prophet Muhammad the first homosexual in the world[7]. It is clear that TOI published such news in isolation without giving the context or full speech. Then, it adds that, “Tiwari’s statement had come a day after UP Cabinet minister Azam Khan called RSS members homosexuals”. According to reports, around one lakh Muslims on Friday 01-01-2016 gathered in Muzaffarnagar, demanding death penalty for Tiwari[8] i.e, fatwa for him! Straight away capital punishment ordered without arrest, trial etc., though, at the other side, the same progressive, leftists and other categories oppose it.

Malda set on fire buy the muslimsChauri-chaura type attack on Policce stations: Protesters under the banner of ‘Ittehad-e-Millat’ led by Maulana Khalid, closed their business and demonstrated against the Hindu Mahasabha activist [9]. Similar protests against Tiwari have been reported from Bengaluru and Delhi. Protesting against some `blasphemous` statements made by a Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari, a large number of people on Thursday 07-01-2016 went on a rampage in Purnea district of Bihar, torching vehicles and attacking a police station[10]. The Union Home Ministry has asked the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal for a report on the mob violence on Sunday, during a protest march at Kaliachak, a town near Malda which is the headquarter of the district of the same name. Protesters had set fire to a police station and damaged vehicles[11]. On Sunday, over a lakh protesters gathered for a rally called by a little-known Muslim organization Idara-e-Shariya against a right-wing activist’s alleged hate speech in Uttar Pradesh. The crowd then ransacked the jeep and attacked the Kaliachak police station and vehicles parked outside it. They also ransacked police barracks and a Block Development Officer’s office. Police sources said the mob also ransacked a locality where mostly Hindus live, but there was no retaliation and so no clashes and no loss of lives. Again, there was no condemnation from the IHC or any other tolerant activists for such unlawful attacks, mob violence and looting of public and private properties. However, the IHC had been quick enough to pass the following resolutions and incited the Muslims, as in Malda, the Muslim population has been sizeable[12] and all such acts to start within a week of the winding up of the 76th session at the Goud Banga University on December 30th 2015.

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[2] R Vaidyanathan is Professor of Finance and Control, IIM Bangalore, The views are personal and do not reflect that of his organisation.


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Burdwan, Bhibum, Purulia – all connected with bombs, arms, explosives and terror!

December 30, 2014

Burdwan, Bhibum, Purulia – all connected with bombs, arms, explosives and terror!

Bangalore blast and bombs recovered in Bengal: As Burdwan blast on October.2, 2014 revealed the JMB’s terror plot to attack Indian cities and create violence, it is shocking to note that explosives are recovered from the same sensitive areas. When the Bangalore blast is opening up the SIMI and other links[1], it is also coinciding with the incidence[2]. A mini-truck full of explosives was seized by the police from a vehicle which was allegedly bound for Birbhum district during mandatory checking at a bridge at Mankar in the district on Sunday (28-12-2014) from West Bengal’s Burdwan district, police said[3]. Birbhum district has also been in the news for the Bangladeshis presence, attack on the police, TMC-BJP fight, bomb-throwing, seizure of country make bombs etc. Abdul Kader Sheikh, the driver of the vehicle, which was intercepted by the police at Mankar Bridge in the Budbud police station area, tried to escape, but was caught after a chase, Burdwan Superintendent of Police SMH Meerza said[4]. Sheikh, 47, who hailed from Hizalgara village under Jamuria PS, admitted during preliminary interrogation that he was taking the explosives from Odisha’s Baleswar to Panchla in Birbhum district, police said[5].

Should be the transporter, carrier and handlers of explosives, bombe retc should be Muslims?: The SP said Sheikh would be produced at the Durgapur SDJM’s Court on Sunday[6]. He said police would ascertain if the gelatin sticks had anything to do with the BJP-TMC clash at Birbum’s Makra which had left three people dead[7]. The driver of the vehicle was arrested. “We have seized 3,000 gelatin sticks 200 each from 15 sacks, kept in sacks in a mini-truck. The vehicle was he/ading towards Birbhum district. We have arrested Abdul Kader Sheikh, the driver,” Superintendent of Police SMH Meerza said. The seizure was made during a check near a bridge in the district’s Mankar area[8]. Though many times, Muslims object to usage of terror with Muslims or Islam, it is intriguing to note that only Muslims are involved in such activities.

ncidentally, why the infiltrated Mohammedans from Bangladesh and Myanmar should have been involved in such activities is not explained by the Madrasssa heads or the Muslim protagonists, who claim that all Muslims are not terrorists.

Conitinuously bombs, explosives and chemicals recovered from Bengal (October 2014): On October 11.2014 a sackful of detonators and 11 gelatin sticks were seized from a vehicle by the police near Raghunathpur Police Station, 30 km from in Purulia[9]. Purulia Superintendent of Police Neelkant Sudhir Kumar said acting on a tip off, policemen in plainclothes stopped the vehicle and seized the explosives[10]. The consignment was being taken to Jamshedpur from Asansol in West Bengal. The driver, who was the only person present in the vehicle, was arrested, he said.Interrogation of the driver is on, he added. The destination of the explosives had been intriguing to the police and other investigation agencies. In spite of all these clear signals, ironically, the ruling TMC has been playing politics with terror. Moreover, the connection of Purulia with arms and explovies has also been intriguing, because, earlier in 1995, “the Purilia arms drop case” was given a buried death, as in which Denmark, Communist parties and other local Bengali organizations were reportedly involved[11].

Explosives recovered from the Pond of Burdwan (Novemver 2014): Earlier on November.19, 2014 (Wednesday) explosives were seized fron Burdwan pond[12]. The arrest of one of the members of what UN calls “the world’s worst persecuted minorities” —the Rohingyas — has sent the security establishment in a tizzy. How and why the so-called “persecuted” Rohingyas should have infiltrsted into India and gor involved themselves with explosives? What added to the sleuths’ concern is the recovery of five containers of the potentially dangerous picric acid from a pond, barely a kilometre from the Khagragarh blast site, at the instance of arrested JMB operative Amjad. NIA’s fresh allegations are not only damning proof of Bengal turning into a hotbed of international terrorism, but also of connections hitherto unheard of. The initial questioning of arrested Rohingya Myanmar resident Mohammad Khalid, who was held from Hyderabad on 17-11-2014 (Monday) night, has revealed that he had close ties with Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan that has links with AlQaeda.

Infiltration of Rohingyas in west Bengal and their activities in India: The implications are rather too much for Bengal. Here was a man (Khalid) helping militant groups, which are opposed to the nation states of Pakistan ( Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) and Bangladesh (JMB) and were using Bengal as their base. “There is thus no doubt now that they were planning subversive attacks on India also,” said an NIA officer. After the arrest, the jail authorities stepped up security in the Bengal jails housing Rohingyas. In 2013 alone, various security agencies had nabbed over 127 Rohingyas. Though no terror link was established, IB now wishes to check each file. It is estimated that about 10,000 of them are housed across four Indian states, including Bengal. The security agencies have now started collaborating details on the routes taken by the Rohingyas to enter Bengal. IB sources said the Rohingya Muslims are infiltrating mainly through the Indo-Bangla border at Swarupnagar, Basirhat and Gaighata police station areas. It is intriguing to note that the illegally infiltrated people are mentioned as “Rohingyas” and “Muslims”. It has o be noted that the photos of Myanmar killings and Rohingyas or Muslims violence were used in inciting the people of Muzaffarnagar to run riot involving killing of innocent people, of course, with the involvement of local politics.

Seizure of Picric Acid: The NIA has, meanwhile, taken both Amjad and Sajid with them to Burdwan and Birbhum based on the revelations made by them in Kolkata and Khalid in Hyderabad. On Tuesday, one Pulak Sadhu (30), the owner of a house-cum-shop in Kesabganj Chati in Burdwan, was picked up by the NIA sleuths for interrogations after Amjad revealed he kept the picric acid at his accommodation rented out by Pulak. This place is barely one kilometre from the Khagragarh blast site. The NIA team found that the rented ground floor shop has been converted into a threewheeler Toto Rickshaw showroom. When the NIA officials grilled Pulak, he told them that after knowing that Amjad was a suspected JMB terrorist, he threw all the containers to a pond near Rabindra Bhwan in Burdwan’s Borhat. Later, he gave the property on rent to a Toto showroom. Pulak had rented the shop to Amjad six months ago after the former’s Biryani business failed. Pulak himself accompanied the NIA officials and fishermen to the pond. Burdwan Sadar police officers threw nets in the pond and retrieved five containers. Five more containers are missing. Seikh Amjad had earlier told NIA that there were ten containers with pricric acid at the Borhat godown[13].

Bangalore blasts, SIMI and the South Indian connection: Bangalore is closer to the US than any other city in India, because, there are many American companies in Bangalore while many others outsource their work to companies based in Bangalore. Terror groups are repeatedly targeting Bangalore as it gives them instant publicity globally and acts to thwart foreign investment there. Moreover, some (5?) ex SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) activists and terrorists had escaped from Khandwa jail, absonding but were last spotted in Hospet, Bellary and Bangalore. In other words, the local Muslims have been helping them for their movements, hideouts, treatment etc. The MHA discussed and analysed Bijnore, Pune, Chennai blasts that were similar to the Sunday’s blast near an eatery in Bangalore’s Church Road. Importantly, the blast came barely two weeks after threats of “revenge attacks” on social media following the arrest of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who allegedly operated a Islamic State propaganda Twitter account. The country’s information technology hub was hit by bomb blasts in 2008, 2010 and 2013. In serial blasts caused by IED at nine places in 2008, two persons were killed and 20 others injured. Two bombs exploded outside the cricket stadium hours before an IPL match, leaving 15 persons injured in 2010. A third bomb was defused. In 2013, a bomb blast outside the state BJP headquarters in the crowded Malleshwaram area just ahead of the Assembly polls had left 16 persons injured[14].




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[11] The Purulia arms drop case is the legal case regarding an incident on 17 December 1995 in which unauthorised arms were dropped from an Antonov An-26 aircraft in Purulia district in the state of West Bengal. The chief accused Kim Davy claims that it was a conspiracy of the Indian government together with RAW and MI5 to overthrow the communist government in West Bengal and he was given assurances from the central government about his safety and return to Denmark.While the true motive of the operation remains shrouded in mystery and conjecture, it has been alleged that arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga.This has been disputed by the prime accused in the case Kim Davy who claims the central government itself was behind the arms drop to counter the CPI(M) cadres. An Indian court in 1997 determined that the Ananda Marga group was indeed the intended recipient of the guns and ammunition. However, despite the passage of years, many details of the incident are wrapped in mystery, and there has been considerable speculation as to the purpose and modality of the operation. Five Latvian crew members along with arms dealer Peter Bleach was arrested in connection with the case, but key conspirator Davy managed to disappear from the airport. Davy, wanted in the case by the CBI, said he had orchestrated the dropping of the arms and ammunitions — including over 300 AK 47s — to fight the then communist government in West Bengal. Davy is a Danish author. He is the author of book They call me a terrorist. He claims to have been involved in a 14-year journey from 1982 that involved building schools in Guatemala, agricultural projects in India and attending tiger conferences in Russia. He is currently the manager of a company which sells houseboats. Around 1995 he was involved in humanitarian work for the people in West Bengal, which at that time was governed by the Communist Party of India. The authorities claim that he was involved in smuggling of weapons. He admits as much himself in his book, claiming that he made the weapon drop from a plane purchased in Latvia.A total of 4 tonnes of arms were trafficked during his dealings in West Bengal.

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