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Arundhati Roy: “Kashmir needs freedom from India”: Is she Pakistani or Indian? What she wants?

October 28, 2010

Arundhati Roy: “Kashmir needs freedom from India”:  Is she Pakistani or Indian? What she wants?


I actually posted this in on 20-08-2008, but now I find that it has been hacked. As one of my responses received to my Tamil article points out, I could salvage it and hence, I am posting it here, as it has relevance, even today.

Introduction: Really, Indians do not know what is happening to their country, and to them. They do not know who are their friends and enemies. They go on believe everybody and invite them to live here, and one day find that they do nonsense against them. Thus, it has happened in many cases. Now, a new one appears in the form of “Arunthati Roy”, who has no Indian ethos. She has now come out with jihadi cry supporting Pakistanis for the liberation of Kashmir from India and the Pakistani, pro-Pakistani, Islamic and anti-Indian media has been so elated to report her. The Associated Press of Pakistan reports like this[1]:

Kashmir needs freedom from India: Arundhati Roy
ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (APP): In occupied Kashmir, prominent Indian human rights activist and author, Arundhati Roy has said that recent protests in occupied territory have made it clear that the people of Kashmir want freedom from India. Arundhati Roy in a media interview said that the persons who have followed people’s movements and who have been in rallies could not dispute what people want, KMS reported. She said that people of Kashmir don’t need anyone to represent them. They are representing themselves.


“Kashmir needs freedom from India” declared Arundhati Roy[2]. After talking about “history” in her own way,  Roy concluded with words, “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.” Is it just like her characters to have sex and liberate themselves to roam like animals? Who is she to advocate who wants freedom rom whom, as if she has been the grand-daughter of Mahathma Gandhi or Sardar Vallabai Patel?

SRINAGAR: Activist and author Arundhati Roy, who was present at the massive Monday rally, said that the people of Kashmir have made themselves abundantly clear. ( Watch )


“And if no one is listening then it is because they don’t want to hear. Because this is a referendum. People don’t need anyone to represent them; they are representing themselves. As somebody who has followed people’s movements and who has been in rallies and at the heart or the edge of things, I don’t think you can dispute what you see here,” she told TOI .

Roy also said that “since the 1930s, there have been debates and disputes about who has the right to represent the Kashmiri people, whether it was Hari Singh or Sheikh Abdullah or someone else. And the debate continues till today whether it is the Hurriyat or some other party.”

Then she added, “But I think today the people have represented themselves.”

Roy concluded with words, “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.”

Gandhi versus Gandhi: Indians are fooled by names. As Sonia Maino, the Catholic lady has been cheating and fooling Indians and the world with “Gandhi”, this “Roy” is cheating, hoaxing and robbing our national pride. Recently, the UN invited Sonia to deliver talk on the occasion of Mahathma Gandhi birth day – October 2nd, 2007 to mark “International day of non-violence”. See the irony. Then, US-Indian born / origin Americans clarified through an Advertisement[3], but Congress filed a case in the US-Supreme Court, but it was dismissed. At one side, they talk about refusing titles, removing caste names and so on. Why then they stick to “Gandhis”, “Roys”, “Patels” etc? Christians fool with these names Gandhi, Roy, Iyer, and so on, the Mohammedans fool having names with Patel, Chowdhry, Bhatt and so on. Why? Romila refused “Padma title” but have “Thapar”. So also, Arundhati (she is the most chaste lady, as considered in the Sanskrit and Sangam literature), as she was with Gerard Da Cunha and then with Pradip Krishen, but always roam as “ROY” – why? This is hypocrisy, but the west does not understand such duplicities, falsities and frauds, but award them with booker, Magsaysay and even Nobel!

Roy robs Roy – why? She had already expressed such evidently anti-Indian views, but it is not taken notice of by others, as generally, she is considered as abnormal and erratic lady. In 2005, she criticised (Aug 31, 2005) the Indian media for failing to highlight the plight of the ordinary Kashmiris, who she said were being tormented and brutalised by security forces every day in the name of freedom and peace. After uttering many things, she declared[4], “Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir has surpassed the excesses of Pinochet in Chile.

Kashmir Media service[5] reports like this: “Occupied Kashmir, thousands of people hoist green flags on the historic Clock Tower at Lal Chowk in Srinagar.”

Arundhati Roy, the elated activist: Arundhati Roy has been psychologically, an elated personality, as she has been neglected during her childhood days. As a Christian, she just moved with different people without any family. But, when she found out that she could get fame by opposing authority, she started doing that. In 2000, she raised slogans against Supreme Court just like Shahi Imam of Delhi Mosque. However, the political clout and pressure suppressed the Judges.  The Supreme Court however in March 2005 convicted[6] Arundathi Roy, the Booker Prize winner, for having “committed criminal contempt of this court by scandalising its authority with mala fide intentions‘ and sentenced her to a “symbolic imprisonment” for one day and pay a fine of Rs. 2,000; in default, to undergo a simple imprisonment for three months. After paying the fine and spending day in the jail, she passed arrogant remarks again[7]. For more details, see the site:, as ii contains all details.

Roy and Romila – the “historical romance: Note, how Romila defended Roy, when she was tried for the contempt, because, she herself was afraid of it, as she used to declare, “We would go to Supreme Court / appeal against the Supreme Court Order” and so on, but keeps quite. Just search for Romila-Roy” in the web-search, you find that they have been signatories for A to Z categories of petitions involving human-rights, Islamic rights, and so on. Romilas and Roys have been so worried about fundamentalists, fanatics and terrorists, even if the come together, they treat them as “children of lesser god” and fight for them. Supreme court, Indian government, they do not care. That is why Roy declare without mincing words, “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.”! We do not know when Indian would understand them “historically” about their “hysterical cries” of jihadi / crusade / holy war.

International Support for them!: Meanwhile, international messages[8] of solidarity were pouring in from different countries. Over three hundred members of the Italian Parliament have written to the President of India conveying their support and saying that “the Italian people who read and support Arundhati Roy….. appreciate the nobility of the political, moral and literary commitment”.

Noted intellectual, thinker and writer Noam Chomsky has conveyed his full support to Arundhati Roy “and great admiration for her courage”. In a message from the United States, a group of well known writers and film personalities have written to the President, K.R.Narayanan, calling this case, “a vital test for India”, and urging it to reject the charges against Ms.Roy. The group included writers Toni Morrison, William Styron, Harold Pinter, actors Susan Sarandon, Robert Redford, Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson and film directors Woody Allen, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jonathan Demme, Ismail Merchant and Arthur Penn.

She was exploited and thus perverted: Marriage, divorce, sex, life etc., may not be exactly as thought about by normal man and woman, but for elite and elated, they are not at all issues. Thus, in the case of Arundhatii Roy and her mother Mary Roy[9], such issues have been just like Hollywood movies. She married Ranjit Roy (NDTV head, Prannoy Roy’s uncle) but it broke up in 1963. She explains: “I met my husband through his elder brother, Prannoy’s father, who was also working at Metal Box, a reputed company in Kolkata. I worked as a secretary there. I was not in love with my husband. I married him to escape my fate in my own community. My family was not too concerned as for them it meant a marriage without dowry. Ranjit came from an aristocratic zamindar family. On my wedding night, I discovered my husband was an alcoholic. It came as a rude shock to me. Though I must admit that he never assaulted me. It was only after having two kids that I realised that I had to get out of the marriage. There has been no bitterness between us. Nor has he ever tried to get in touch with us. I have not divorced him, because it is of no importance to me. I had no plans of getting re-married.”

Thus, Arundhati has by and large reflected her personal story in her novel. However, Mary refutes many points, where her daughter has manipulated the facts: Is the book autobiographical? “Yes,” she, agrees, “there is a lot of the family, and the character of Ammu is totally based on me. Except that my daughter projects me as a woman having an affair with a low caste man, which is entirely untrue. Everybody in this town knows my reputation. There was no Velutha in my life. In fact, Arundhati told me that some parts of the book would hurt me. So I didn’t read it for a long time, till my daughter came over and read the book aloud to me. But I don’t give a damn, I am an honest woman who has lived my life openly,” she says, clearly trying to put up a brave face.

However, some of her relatives and friends assert that the story has been real:     
One Ajit, explains like this[10]: “I personally know most of the characters in the book. Arundhati's 
mother, Mary Roy runs a very successful residential school in Kottayam called Corpus Christi. My son 
studied there and that is how I got to know Mary Roy well. Her mother was the half blind lady who played 
the violin in the book. Her real name was Susy Kochamma. Her sister was "Miss Kurien Aunty" or 
"Bawa Kochamma" who converted to Catholicism and is represented as the matriarch who fell for 
Fr. Mulligan. Chacko is George Isaac, who was once my role model. He was a Stephanian, and went to 
Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He was a rowing blue. He had a Norwegian wife, not English in real life, 
and so it goes! Arundhati's father was a Bengali planter, and a brother of the guy who presents 
Star News (the psephologist, Prannoy Roy).”

She says about her daughter’s affair in this way[11]: “When Arundhati turned 18 while she was studying at the Delhi School of Architecture, she declared independence. She told me she would take care of all her expenses. She was involved with Gerard Da Cunha and I knew she would marry him. She didn’t talk to me for five years. No, I wasn’t devastated as she came back to me on her own,”.  Roy met her second husband, filmmaker Pradip Krishen, in 1984, and became involved in film-making under his influence. She played a village girl in the award-winning movie Massey Sahib.

When Arundhati depicted the relationship between the sexual union between the upper caste Ammu and the low-caste Velutha, the Church opposed[12] it in Kerala. The Syrian Christian community in Kerala found these descriptions “repulsive, demeaning and offensive to their sense of public decency.” Sabu Thomas, the lawyer who has dragged Roy to court, says the sexual passages in the novel are an affront to Indian tradition, culture and morality. “Moreover, it deeply hurts the Syrian Christian community on whom is the novel based,” Thomas told submitting the controversial, ‘offensive pages’ to the judge in his pedtition, says the sexual deeds described in the book will corrupt readers minds. ‘The influence of the book on our contemporary society cannot be overlooked especially when much publicity has been given by the author through various interviews in the media,’ the petition says, adding that Roy is ‘inviting the public to read and enjoy obscenity‘ and to ‘excite sexual desires and lascivious thoughts.’ Mathew Tharakan, a businessman in Kottayam commented on The God of Small Things, “The novel is a fine literary work. But it has heavy sexual overtones that hurt our community’s feelings,” adding that Roy has taken the liberty to write these offending passages “because she knows we are a very peaceful community who will not come out in the open on the issue.” Varghese Thuruthel, a rubber planter in the district, agrees. “Roy has added the obscene passages in her novel with a commercial motive. I find the sexual narrative repulsive.” He wants the offending portion deleted from the book.

Mother supports such sexy description: But Roy’s mother, the well known Kottayam-based educationist Mary Roy, says the passages in the novel will not corrupt readers minds. “The novel became great not because of the tiny portion of sex scenes in it, but because of its superb portrayal of life,” she told Rediff On The NeT. Mary Roy believes her daughter is being dragged to court because the petitioner might be a rigid, closed person. “My daughter will win the case because, in India, a writer’s freedom is much respected,” she added. “As is mother so is the child – this is not just English proverb, but Indian school children, boys and girls and college students, f they want to write anything on the proverb, these two would help a lot. As your teacher / lecturer / professor would always been a secularist, progressive or such communist category, you would get full marks!

Hussian, Taslima Nasrin and Arundhati: Hussain disrobed Hindu Goddesses, but Delhi court acquitted him, because he has done like that as he has freedom of expression. And these Roys and Romilas kept quite. Taslima Nasrin was attacked in Hyderabad. In fact, her dress was also disturbed (see the photographs appeared at that time). None cared about the assault on a woman, because she is a Muslim, that too who wrote against Islam! So if she is supported, Roys and Romilas would not get awards, laurels, invitations and soon. Arundhati exposed “sex”, Oh, it is only normal. Then what is the difference between the “sexual exposition” between Arundhati and Taslima Nasrin?

Is it “secular anti-nationalism”? Perhaps, now it would be covered under “Secular anti-nationalism” and thus none can question their credentials. As an American flew away yesterday, this Roy can talk anything and get away. In fact, some people are suggesting that she should be booked for sedition! When Indian government has taken against such elements? The leaders who talked and still advocate such principles of secession and sedition have been the CMs of the Indian States, Central Ministers and even foreign / external ministers. As they have freedom of expression, they have “self-determination” also and therefore. None can touch them. They have been the “untouchables” of Indian law, Indian courts, Indian judiciary etc.

Psychological warfare: India has been target of many forces and they operate in different banners, various masquerades and diversified forms inside and outside India. We can note that they come together when a common target is identified or selected or it has already been under attack. Ever since, the print and electronic media has been privatized and globalised, they have started psychological war against India. Thus, Indian religion, culture, tradition, heritage and anything that is Indian is disparaged, denigrated and even blasphemed. It could be seen from the subtle ad on “morning breakfast” where “the traditional food” is thrown away (no Indian would do that) for “Kellogg”, many women rushing towards a man, as he has perfumed body, and so on. The unblushing westerners, westernized propagandists and advisers should think that they could cheat Indians like this? Do you think that Indian should learn from you everything? What nonsense is it that whatever nonsense you talk about Indians should be made authoritative and authentic?

It is simply idiotic. There have been billion of Indians with minds and bodies. They too have freedom of thought and expressions. They too have all rights you talk about – the human-rights, woman-rights, children-rights etc. In fact, they know better than you, but they mind their work and therefore, they do not bother about your blabbering. But there should be a limit for everything. Just because, they are not responding, it does not been you can interfere with them. This is also wrong, violation of all human rights and values. You can allow your wife to be on another man’s bed, that might be your right, but you cannot vulgarise one man- one woman relationship under guise of “fire” or “water”.

You talk that you respect freedom of people and freedom of nations and so on. Then, is this way of respecting? Talking one thing before and another on the back has become hallmark of western scholars, experts and professionals (only such categories are criticized). How the this type of “skills” are promoted? What for? The proficiency of professionalship is proven by the provident act and not by propaganda. If you cannot perceive and practice, it is better not to preach.



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