Dharmapuram Adheenam Sri Shanmuga Desiga Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal (1926-2019)

Dharmapuram Adheenam Sri Shanmuga Desiga Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal (1926-2019)

Guru vanthanam

Dharmapuram Adheenam Sri Shanmuga Desiga Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal: The 26th Gurumaha Sannidhanam of Dharmapuram Adheenam Sri Shanmuga Desiga Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal passed away on Wednesday 04-12-2019[1]. He was 95[2]. The pontiff suffered from poor health due to old age[3]. The pontiff had been suffering from various illnesses in the past few years, so he already appointed Tiruvaiyaru Sri Kumaraswami Thambiran as his successor on February 1, 2017 and named him as Masilamani Desika Paramacharya Swamigal. When crores of worth of properties have been under his control, he could have received better treatment, eve at foreign countries, as the Dravidian politicians do here in Tamil Nadu, but, he died as a devotee of God Shiva taking treatment at a private hospital. Masilamani Desika Paramacharya Swamigal would be appointed as the 27th adheenam. His body will be laid to rest on Thursday 05-12-2019.

Dharmapura Adheenam, younger days-old photo

500 years old mutt has crores of worth of properties: Mutt sources said[4]. Over the past 48 years, the Gurumaha Sannidhanam administered 27 temples, including Vaidheeswaran Koil, Thirukadaiyur, Sirkazhi, Thiruvaiyaru, Thirubhavanam and Thirukkuvalai, that belonged to Dharmapuram Adheenam[5]. The Adheenam, which is more than 500 years old, also runs schools and colleges with about 10,000 students, the sources said[6]. The Adheenam has crores of worth of properties[7]. However, the lessors, tenants, and others have been enjoying the properties without payment of rent and lease amounts.  Not only that, they have filed hundreds of suits and cases in the District and high courts, just to dodge, evade and circumvent the rules to avoid payment. Ironically, most of them have been Saivites. “If Sivan property is misused, abused or encroached, his clan would be ruined,” has been the axiom among them, but, here in this context, they are not worried or bothered.

Dharmapura Adheenam, with Periyavar and Jeyandra

Adheenam promoted Tamil cause: Dharmapuram Adheenam, which is one of the largest adheenams, had given a great support to the growth of Tamil language[8].  500 years old mutt possess valuable palm-leaf books on Saiva philosophy, ethics, theology and other topics. Recently, there have been accusations that certain “group of Tamil scholars” entering mutts and stealing away such valuable palm-leaf books and selling aboard. Ironically, such accusations are made among themselves and therefore, there is a reason to believe that they might have engaged collectively and mutually, as the outcome money would take care of their sojourns. However, the Dravidian racist and linguistic fanatics have been spoiling the condition by intruding into the administration of mutts. The Adheenam was established around 500 years ago by Sri Guru Gnanasambandar and Sri Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal assumed charge as the 26th pontiff on November 12, 1971.

Dharmapura Adheenam, with Periyavar and Jeyandra Saraswati and others

Swamigal [1926-2019] had a long track of service in the mutt: The pontiff Gnanasambandar was born in Sirukattur near Kattumannarkoil in Cuddalore district in 1926 and was administering the Guru Gnana Prachara Sabha until the appointment of the adheenam. The adheenam donated land for the construction of government buildings and the new bus stand. He had also announced to donate land for a medical college in Mayiladuthurai[9]. The pontiff played a key role against the appointment of Nithyananda Swami as the junior pontiff of Madurai Adheenam by gathering all the pontiffs to pass a resolution against the appointment[10]. Such polemics, unfortunately, suppressing the looting of temple properties by the Dravidian politicians and even Mohammedans.  His accommodating Christian M. Deivanayagam at the Mutt premises had been unfortunate. However, a refutation book was published to counter written by Vidwan Sri Arunai Vadivelu Mudaliar later in 1991.

In 2005, when the Tamil Nadu History Congress session was held, Swamiji stressed the importance and antiquity of Hindu religion etc. but, P. Jagadesan talked against that shocked most of the teachers of the AVC College and delegates.

In 2005, when the Tamil Nadu History Congress session was held, Swamiji stressed the importance and antiquity of Hindu religion etc. but, P. Jagadesan talked against that shocked most of the teachers of the AVC College and delegates.

Arunai vadivelu book

The affairs behind the publication of the book: Actually, when it was in the manuscript form, in 1988, one K. V. Ramakrishna Rao had gone to Tattuva Maiyam, Kanchipuram, met Sri Mudaliar and taken the manuscript. Then, he had met many publishers, but, they either did not take interest or refused to publish, as it was against the Christian propagandists. He even wrote to Saiva Mutts and “International Saiva Siddhanta Perumanram.” No response, only the last one responded through their advocate, T. N. Ramachandran. Years passed, his son Palaravayan came and took the typed manuscript from K. V. Ramakrishna Rao[11]. After much discussion and negotiation, in 1991, it was published by the Dhamapuri Adheenam. Here, also, T. N. Ramachandran asked K. V. Ramakrishna Rao one brief about the incidents happened to be included as last chapter, but, not included. Incidentally, when the book release function was held at the Saiva Siddhanta Permandram, Mylapore, he was not informed also! That was the attitude of the Hindus and Hindutawa guys. R. S. Narayanaswamy collected materials from him and published about it “Organizer,” the mouthpiece of RSS.

Prof. Arunai Palaravayan son of Sri Arunai Vadivelu Mudaliar

Prof. Arunai Palaravayan son of Sri Arunai Vadivelu Mudaliar

K.V.R and arunai book release

Sri Kumaraswamy Thambiran Swamigal succeeded: He has been named the successor to the head of Dharmapuram Adheenam in nearby Mayiladuthurai, one of the ancient Saivaite mutts in the country[12]. He was chosen by the head of the mutt 93-year old Sri Shanmugam Desiga Gnanasambandha Paramacharya Swamigal and was anointed as the junior pontiff at a ceremony held on 31-01-2017 morning, a mutt release said[13] said earlier on 30-01-2017. Thereafter, 52-year old Sri Kumaraswamy Thambiran Swamigal would be known as Sri Masillamani Desiga Gnanasambanda Swamigal, the senior pontiff said[14]. The adheenam, headquartered at Dharmapuram in Mayiladuthurai in the district, is more than 500 years old and has control over 27 Saivaite temples, runs several educational institutions and has other properties in various parts of the country[15]. Gnanasambandha Paramacharya Swamigal is the 26th head of the mutt[16]. The junior pontiff-designate Kumaraswamy Thambiran Swamigal is a native of Erukathampuliyur village in Cuddalore district and holds a doctorate in Tamil. He has published more than 200 research papers in Tamil literature and has briefly served as an Associate Professor in Thirupanandal Kasi Mutt College in Kumbakonam before joining the Dharmapuram Mutt in 2000[17]. He is the Chief Editor of Saivaite magazine ‘Gnanasambandham’ published by the Dharmapuram Adheenam.

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Dharmapuri Adheenam passed away-Tamil news cutting

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